A Day in Beaufort

Downtown Marina

Today was a busy day, with all day set aside for the Rally fleet to tour Beaufort and experience Lowcountry culture, history, and cuisine. Thank goodness it was a glorious fall day – seventy degrees and sunny, and with a good breeze coming in over the sea islands!  This panoramic shot of the fleet at the Downtown Marina of Beaufort was taken early this morning from the old Whitehall Plantation site across the Beaufort River.

The morning started with the option of a movie history tour. We had two vans for our fleet — at the luxuriously late hours of 1000 and 1100 hrs! What? We didn’t have to get up at 0500 hrs this morning? That’s already a great start to the day! Here’s the second shift, ready to go see the film sites of Forrest Gump and The Big Chill with tour guide, Jill, a history major who had an incredible memory for all things Beaufort.

Beaufort Van Schlachman

After the van tours, most of the fleet wandered around Beaufort’s downtown district. Particularly popular stops were the Market Cafe and the gallery of Gullah artwork, but the many shops kept everyone busy most of the afternoon. I know that a fair amount of holiday gift contraband was smuggled onto Rally boats! When you share a 30- to 40-foot space, it’s really hard to buy and hide Christmas presents.

Beaufort Shopping Schlachman (1)

Now what about happy hour? This evening’s idea was to do a local craft beer sampling. For that, we were welcomed at the new captains’ lounge at Lady’s Island Marina, managed by Steve and Gloria Stanforth on m/s Living Well.

Steve and Gloria Stanforth LIM

We rounded up a selection of South Carolina beers, from micro-breweries like R.J. Rockers Brewing Company in Spartanburg, Palmetto Brewing Company in Charleston, and Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville. Have a sample taste, and when you find one you like, fill a big cup!

Craft Beer Tasting

The most popular brew among the Rally fleet: the Charleston micro-brewery Palmetto’s Amber Ale! Now, back to town – the early happy hour left plenty of time for dining out.

Palmetto Beer


{Photos by Donna Schlachman (3) and Mark Doyle (4)}

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  • Rod Swank s/v Moxie says:

    Please give a salute to Parris Island on your way back out….I was there 08/64…Semper Fi to any Marines in the Fleet..

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