An Island Packet, a Caliber, and a Tartan

Flossie B (2)

Tom and Mary Jeffery on m/s Flossie B.

Tom and Mary—and golden retriever Sadie—are on an Island Packet SP Cruiser motor sailer, so they are always snug inside their pilothouse for this fall southbound trip. They sailed for 20 years on a Freedom 35, but bought the motor sailer this fall, deciding to give up the flair of the Freedom for a more comfortable and less taxing boat. The SP not only has a warm and dry pilothouse, it has all the comforts of home including air conditioning, a freezer, and a microwave.

The Jefferys have previously traveled the ICW, and are experienced rallyers as well. They have joined several Fundy Flotillas, exploring Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They have also chartered in the Virgin Islands, Windward and Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, and the Greek Islands. That explains why they are always low-key and prepared no matter what the ICW tosses at us.

When the Rally is over, they will continue down the coast to Key Largo where they have rented a house and will meet up with all their kids, grandkids, and dogs for the holidays.

Flossie B (1)


Bill and Amy Wargo on s/v Full Circle

Bill and Amy are on a Caliber 40LRC named Full Circle. It was almost named “Moving Onto” because their previous boat was named “Moving On” after they sold their moving and storage business. The Wargos started as power-boaters then got out of boating for almost 25 years because of work commitments. But they ended up buying three consecutive boats, each larger than the previous, and fell back in love with boating. After cruising in New England they realized that they wanted to spend more time cruising and maybe someday retire onto a boat so they researched every kind of boat, including trawlers and catamarans, and decided to switch to a sailboat. They found the Caliber attractive for its safety and comfort.

They joined the Rally during their one year off work, hoping for camaraderie and to learn from others’ experiences. We have certainly enjoyed their company and have learned from Bill and Amy!


Full Circle


George and Anne Golensky on s/v Valiant

George and Anne are on a Tartan 3700. They have both recently retired, Anne as an occupational therapist and George as a pathologist. They have lived in Connecticut and are looking to relocate to Florida, possibly living for a time on their boat.  They have sailed Long Island Sound to Nantucket every year for the past eight years, but they have never done the ICW so they joined the Rally for safety, to learn about the ICW, and to make new boating friends. Anne and George are always there to help, yet are already proving themselves as self-sufficient cruisers. They hope to make it to the Florida Keys for the holidays.

George and Anne Golensky

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