Farewell Janet, Welcome Carla

dolphin kinship

A day without dolphins is like a day without sunshine! You can expect to see dolphins every day south of about Carteret County in North Carolina. This shot was captured by s/v Kinship during today’s run down to Beaufort, South Carolina.

But today is a bittersweet day. We’ll say goodbye to Janet Boettcher on s/v Foreign Affair, who has been crewing for her brother-in-law, Dwayne Boettcher, but we’re looking forward to meeting and welcoming Carla Meister, Dwayne’s wife, who has been away helping out with a family emergency for the past several weeks.

Foreign Affair

Here’s Janet at the helm. She loves being out on the water. She grew up in Wisconsin where her family took advantage of Lake Michigan and the state’s many inland lakes. This is the third time she has crewed for Dwayne and admits “it’s always an adventure.” She’ll return tomorrow to Maryland, to her granddaughters, and to join her husband on a different type of cruising this winter: a month on the Cunard Queen Mary in South America, including rounding Cape Horn! We’ll really miss Janet from the fleet. She carved the pumpkins and tried to teach us all the Electric Slide. Best wishes for your next cruise!

Dwayne Carla

Dwayne now will be joined by his wife, Carla, to complete the trip on s/v Foreign Affair, a Catalina 380 sloop. Dwayne and Carla have recently retired and are taking a “seabattical.” They have been living aboard since April, mostly in the Chesapeake Bay. They are also Midwest sailors, such as on Lake Perry near Lawrence, Kansas. But this summer, they took Foreign Affair north from the Chesapeake, up to New York City, then on to Long Island Sound and Cape Cod, then back south for the start of the Rally. We’re glad that Carla could join up with the fleet for the last two weeks underway. We’re hoping she enjoys salt marsh vistas because that’s the geography we’ve just entered on our way to Florida!

fleet photo

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