Farewell Providence

Golden Isles Marina Paul Lang

Today the entire fleet arrived at St. Simons Island, one of the “Golden Isles” of Georgia’s coast. In fact, we’re docked at Golden Isles Marina, along the western side of the island. Here is a view of the marina, taken by Paul Lang on s/v Enough, as the last of the fleet made it in just before sunset.

Jeanne and Peter Krawetzky

We were greeted at St. Simons by our harbor hosts, Peter and Jeanne Krawetzky on m/v Lady Jean. They were busy this afternoon offering rides to the grocery store and West Marine. Their daughter Kate took care of dog-walking and dog-sitting. The Krawetzkys also arranged half-price drinks  and discounted dinner prices for the fleet up the docks at Coastal Kitchen and Raw Bar. Tomorrow morning they offered a 5 am drive to the airport, which brings us to the “goodbye” part of tonight’s blog…


Tom Drew and Carolyn Benedict-Drew on s/v Providence will be heading home tomorrow, to be with family through the holidays. With eight grandchildren, they have a busy holiday calendar! Tom and Carolyn have been such great members of the Rally team. I think we all were glad when, way back at the start of the Rally in Hampton,  we learned that Tom was an MD (a cardiologist, but in an emergency who cares about specialities!). Fortunately we didn’t need to call on his professional training. Both he and Carolyn are recently retired, Carolyn from running social services and immigration resettlement agencies, and are long-time sailors relocating from Westport, Massachusetts to Sarasota, Florida. It doesn’t sound like they are slowing down! We’ve heard them hint about some exciting plans in Sarasota relating to medicine and politics.

They have earned their ICW merit badge, which requires at least one grounding, by running aground near Topsail, North Carolina. Tom phoned to report in to the leaders that “Providence would be a bit late.” No panicking, no frustration. And at marinas, when it came to extracting Providence from a tricky slip, there was Carolyn braced at the helm, deftly maneuvering in stressful situations with narrow fairways or fast current. Through it all, the Drews were always cool, calm, collected, and composed. We wish you all the best in your new life in Sarasota and we will miss your energy and generosity!

6 thoughts on “Farewell Providence”

  • Maureen & Stephen Judd says:

    “Through it all, the Drews were always cool, calm, collected, and composed…” and GIGGLING — way into the night!

    We look forward to a future encounter with you.

  • Frank & Carol says:

    Could always count on a smile and friendly greeting from both of you. We will miss you, but hope to see you next year! You get our vote for the most congenial crew on the rally!

  • Enjoy the holidays. Don’t spoil the grand-kids (too much). We all enjoyed your company. We wish you the best and hope to see you on the water sometime in the future.

  • Donna & Rob says:

    Voted Best Smiles & Laughs by the ICW Geezer Cruisers, they will be greatly missed. So glad to have shared some of this adventure with you two. s/v Kinship

  • Mary says:

    Great to share time with both of you….life is good!…and you guys prove it. What a team!

  • Mark Doyle says:

    Rain, fog, or early mornings … always a smile on those faces! A pleasure to ride with you.

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