Our Two “Small” Boats

Frank Carol Mollie Schubauer

Frank and Carol Schubauer on s/v Hakuna Matata

Frank and Carol are on a Beneteau 331, which is hardly a small boat!—but it is the second smallest boat in the fleet. They just bought this boat in July, and are still getting used to it and outfitting it. Before their 33-footer they had a 27 O’Day Daysailer. Their home port is Hampton Roads, where they have become very active in the local sailboat racing, crewing on a Cal 33 for about eight years.

Before sailing, their lives were all about horses. Three of their daughters competed in 4H and for eight years they went to the Pennsylvania State Finals. Their children are now grown, they have five grandchildren, and Carol just retired. So now they have time to start an exciting new adventure – cruising!

They travel with their dog, Mollie, who seems to be adjusting very well to the boat life. In fact, Carol and Frank also have adjusted amazingly quickly, considering they had a new-to-them boat that needed quite a bit of outfitting to get ready for 1,000 miles. They plan to continue on through Florida, to keep outfitting the boat with more self-sufficiency equipment such as solar, and then hope to go to the Bahamas or maybe Cuba next year.

Il Nostro Sogno
Kirk Nilles and Melba Covert on s/v Il Nostro Sogno

Kirk  and Melba are cruising on a MacGregor 26M. They chose the MacGregor for its versatility in trailering—they live in Idaho! Their “Mac” lets them cruise in more locations. They have already sailed this boat for three years, including the San Juan Islands of Washington State and the North Channel of Lake Huron! So the ICW is part of their continuing adventure, sailing in different regions of the U.S.

The boat’s name is Il Nostro Sogno, which means “this dream of ours” in Italian. They are certainly undertaking an amazing dream following their retirement 13 months ago. Kirk retired as a machinist mechanic, where he worked for almost 40 yrs in industrial plant maintenance. He has been very helpful during the Rally, able to troubleshoot whatever comes up. His most recent “save” was figuring out how to unwrap Hakuna Matata’s anchor rode from their keel. Melba is a retired registered nurse. We’re so glad they could join the Rally and that we could be a small part of their big adventure.

4 thoughts on “Our Two “Small” Boats”

  • ken vollick says:

    Melba, Thanks for the response, will tuck this information away for next year. How’s the trip going for you??? Ken

  • ken vollick says:

    More a question than comment. How did Kirk and Melba handle the logistics for tow vehicle and trailer? Planing to join this experience in 2016. Will trailer a Seaward 26 from Michigan. Ken

    • Melba Covert says:

      We trailored the boat to Hampton, VA and left it and the truck at Hampton RV/boat storage. Archie is the owner, great guy and very helpful. We plan to rent a car in Florida and go pick them up when we decide where to leave the boat for a few days. We have family coming to Florida soon so can park the truck with them till we pull out and trailer back to Idaho

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