To Savannah for Shrimp

Today was forecast for 100% rain, but that doesn’t necessarily mean rain ALL day. So we took our odds and left Beaufort before sunrise. Everyone was ready for a potentially soggy day, but it never happened. It was hazy and overcast but the rain never came and it ended up being a balmy and pleasant transit. And, with the light winds, Port Royal Sound was an easy crossing over long low swells, rather than its usual raucous beam chop. Here are s/v Hakuna Matata and s/v Minuet ghosting along:


Hakuna Matata

We were headed for Thunderbolt, a small shrimping town on the outskirts of Savannah, just south of Savannah River. Most recreational boaters don’t depart the ICW to go up the Savannah River, and instead stop at Thunderbolt. There are just too many of these behemoths, this shot taken from our boat as we scooted across the river. Believe me, these freighters are a lot bigger than this photo shows. For scale, every one of those stacked items is a truck-sized shipping container. Imagine a sailboat next to this:

Savannah River

We timed our arrival at Savannah Bend Marina for slack current, which made it much easier to pack all 19 boats into this small facility. I don’t know how marina manager Kenny Linton did it, but he solved this seemingly impossible spatial puzzle. Many thanks to Savannah Bend Marina for their hospitality.

While we were docking, Jayne Johns on s/v Ecola2 and Janet Anderson on s/v Winsome must have been flirting with the crew on a shrimp boat that pulled in. They walked away with a cooler of 30 pounds of shrimp—yes 3-o pounds—for $60. Two bucks a pound?? Guys! Time to get to work shelling shrimp!

savannah bend shrimp melba covert

Pots were brought out, and Old Bay and curry seasoning, propane burners, side dishes of rice and vegetables, cold beer, wine, and cigars (ostensibly to keep the no-see-ums away). The fleet ended the day with a shrimp feast, fresh right off the boat. Another memorable day.

Sunset Shrimp


{Photo #4 by Melba Covert}



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