…And Even More Booty

At today’s navigation briefing covering Florida from St. Augustine to Miami, we had one last item to raffle. This was a particularly coveted item given that this is a sailboat rally: a Harken Carbo OneTouch locking winch handle ($112 value).

But … one of the Rallyers had a bit of a medical scare the previous day involving a hospital visit. All is fine, but we thought a “get well raffle” was in order. With each of our previous raffles, boats could opt out if they didn’t need the item or if it was inappropriate for their boat. This ensured that all our donated equipment got to boats that would use the items.

So, one-by-one during the raffle roll call, each boat declined with, “We’re out.” Oh look! The only remaining boat is s/v Minuet. Congratulations and we hope you feel better soon!


Harken also kindly donated two pairs of sunglasses. These were won by s/v Ecola 2 at the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club dinner and to s/v Southern Cross at the SAIL Magazine Arrival Party.

Harken Glasses (1)

Over the past few weeks, we also had two Vavuud Sleipnir Wind Meters to raffle. These are tiny anemometers that plug into your smartphone! They are lightweight, compact, rugged, and accurate. These went to s/v Enough and s/v Full Circle.


And last but not least, at the beginning of the Rally each boat received a Lemon & Line nautical bracelet. I was reminded of this as I saw them on the wrists of the female crew members over the last few days’ events. These are handmade, nautically-inspired bracelets from Newport, Rhode Island.


Many thanks to all our sponsors for their generous donations which added a lot of fun to each gathering and will certainly be put to use by these long-distance cruisers. These boaters have proven that they will be out there using this equipment!

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