More Booty…

What’s a visit to St. Augustine without pirated booty? We had even more nautical goodies to raffle off at our SAIL Magazine Arrival Party. And what boater doesn’t covet stainless steel hardware, especially when it’s as practical as an anchor swivel! Maxwell Marine kindly donated three 1500kg-rated anchor swivels (each a $50 value). Our “fleet wrench” Tom Hale then instructed the winners on how to properly install their prize, with tips like adding a short length of chain to prevent side-loading and using Loctite on the connections.

Maxwell Swivels

We also had a new product to raffle: the HullSurvivor emergency hull seal. This is a soft flexible disk that covers a hull breach and uses water pressure to keep it in place. It can even be deployed from inside by rolling and inserting outward, then pulling back against the hull with a piece of line attached to the center trunion. It’s a lightweight, modern alternative to wood bung plugs. And how fortuitous! The winners were two northern boats whose home sailing waters have lots of rocks.

Hull Survivors

And, thank you to Fujifilm for providing a loaner pair of Fujinon Techno-Stabi 14×40 image-stabilizing binoculars. Of the 20 boats in the fleet, only two already owned IS binoculars. The rest of us were very curious to try out this new technology. For picking out that navaid number, or reading the name or hailing port off the transom of a boat before hailing them on the VHF, these binoculars make an incredible difference!

Fujinon Bins


2 thoughts on “More Booty…”

  • Gil Gelineu says:

    Thank you! Thank you, Maxwell Marine!

    Swivel winners,
    Gil & Charlene
    S/V Ithaka

  • Kay & Robert Creech says:

    Sounds like you had a really great trip, and a great group of boaters. Thanks for including us again this year. Will there be more!!!!!

    Kay & Robert Creech
    Southport, NC

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