DSC_0424 Gil

On the Way to Fernadina

The fleet had many choices between St. Simons Island and our next marina rendezvous at Fernandina Harbor Marina on Amelia Island. Each boat could pick their favorite way to pass the holiday: staying at St. Simons Island and renting a car to visit the St. Marys Cruiser’s Thanksgiving, moving to Fernandina Beach with the same strategy, […]

Frank Carol Mollie Schubauer

Our Two “Small” Boats

Frank and Carol Schubauer on s/v Hakuna Matata Frank and Carol are on a Beneteau 331, which is hardly a small boat!—but it is the second smallest boat in the fleet. They just bought this boat in July, and are still getting used to it and outfitting it. Before their 33-footer they had a 27 O’Day […]

George and Anne Golensky

An Island Packet, a Caliber, and a Tartan

Tom and Mary Jeffery on m/s Flossie B. Tom and Mary—and golden retriever Sadie—are on an Island Packet SP Cruiser motor sailer, so they are always snug inside their pilothouse for this fall southbound trip. They sailed for 20 years on a Freedom 35, but bought the motor sailer this fall, deciding to give up the […]

Chick Candler

Morningstar Marina at Golden Isles

The fleet is really enjoying the stay at Morningstar Marina at Golden Isles (aka Golden Isles Marina). While some of us were lucky enough to arrive at slack current, that was impossible for all. The Georgia current runs up to three knots on the ebb, but this is just part of the daily cycle of docking […]


Farewell Providence

Today the entire fleet arrived at St. Simons Island, one of the “Golden Isles” of Georgia’s coast. In fact, we’re docked at Golden Isles Marina, along the western side of the island. Here is a view of the marina, taken by Paul Lang on s/v Enough, as the last of the fleet made it in just before […]

Minuet (1)

Georgia’s Tides and Currents

Today was one of our trickiest days. Georgia has about eight feet of tide so that translates into some serious current at the docks. Obviously, it’s best to extricate yourself from your slip, and turn in a narrow fairway, at slack current. Georgia also has the most troublesome of the shoaled trouble spots, most notably […]


The Dog Trolley

Today was set aside for touring Savannah’s historic district. Since most ICW travelers stay in the village of Thunderbolt, transportation into downtown Savannah takes some planning. You can take the public transit system, but that involves a fairly long walk along a busy service road and then a long bus ride. It’s cheap, but it’s […]

Sunset Bend Marina

Our Catamaran Fleet

Our stay here at Savannah Bend Marina reminds us of how tricky it is to fit 20 boats into a single facility during peak southbound fall season. And catamarans, with beams of 18 to 22 feet, make it all the tougher. But cats are no longer just charter boats in tropical islands—they are commonplace now among […]

savannah bend shrimp melba covert

To Savannah for Shrimp

Today was forecast for 100% rain, but that doesn’t necessarily mean rain ALL day. So we took our odds and left Beaufort before sunrise. Everyone was ready for a potentially soggy day, but it never happened. It was hazy and overcast but the rain never came and it ended up being a balmy and pleasant […]


Welcomed by the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club

Today the Rally fleet was welcomed by the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club. If you’ve visited Beaufort, you may not have noticed this club because it isn’t located in town. But from the town waterfront, if you look across the Beaufort River and to the southeast, you can see the club’s mooring field along the western […]

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